A cochleal retinal bonanza


Aim to create a clear space

To allow the viewer a temporary sense of perspective over their life

In the fast pace of modern living

Bringing the viewer into the present

Through a visual dialogue with the particular piece of work

In other words a space to be.....

Out of time


These LOVE OBJECTS have been moulded in a very sensual way

Gently teased into existence

They have grown over long incubation periods into individuals

With unique characters implying a sense of personal need

As they are inanimate they are only embodiments of love

Though they reciprocate through their own existence

Hopefully love conquers anger

Which always seems to emerge

As if it were a lava in the blood

The title of each work relates closely to the concepts dealt with by it

Such as the image above SEED

An object of sinless potential

Containing the complex creative instructions of the organism

The seed and its propagation are a primal human motivation

Does one love the carrier of ones' seed, or the donor, because ones' seed has

found a home

Thereby a part of the individual and also the race will live on

Does self love require all survival strategies needed to be acted on

Is love necessary to further racial survival

Could there be a love gene?


© NILS EDELMAN 2003 - 2009